Why Car-Wrecking Service Is Good for the Environment

When many people hear about car service, the first things that come to mind are maintenance and repair services. Very few consider auto wrecking as a type of car service, though it is one. This is because this kind of service is usually required for vehicles no longer in use. If you have an inoperative car you are having trouble disposing of, you should take it to the auto wrecker to ensure it is dismantled in an environmentally friendly way.

The following points will shed light on some of the environmental benefits of a car-wrecking service.

Parts reclamation

The fact that a car has been rendered inoperative does not mean each part is useless. The car battery, tyres, seats, and several other parts could still be in good working shape despite the fact that the vehicle can't hit the roads. When you send your car to an auto-wrecking facility, it will be taken apart part by part to harvest any components that may still be reused. Auto-wrecking contributes to the market for used car parts a great deal, thereby reducing the need to manufacture new replacement parts for vehicles that simply need parts replacement to continue functioning properly.

In addition, parts reclamation extends the lifespan of items that would have been directly sent to the recycling facilities as waste. The environment benefits a great deal when the need for new manufacturing and recycling of parts is reduced.


Any waste items that cannot be salvaged for reuse but can be recycled is taken to recycling centres that can accept them. Generally speaking, the energy required to recycle old car parts is much lower as compared to that needed to manufacture new ones. What is more, less pollution in terms of harmful emissions takes place during the recycling process relative to the manufacturing process. For example, the total volume of carbon-dioxide emissions that will occur at sites where steel is being extracted and processed by far exceeds that associated with recycling of worn-out steel parts at the steel-recycling centre.

Safe disposal of hazardous waste

Cars contain many dangerous substances, such as motor oils, antifreeze, battery acids and fuel that should be properly contained and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. If these substances are not properly removed and discarded, they may contaminate the land, the water resources below the ground, or local water sources like rivers, streams and lakes when it rains. Auto wreckers make sure to limit any spills or leakages that may affect the local ecosystem deleteriously.