Resolving issues with the transmission system on the Volvo XC70

The Volvo XC70 is a popular model of car and is Volvo's entry into the softroader 4WD, with plenty of space for the school run and boots space for all the shopping. However the model is very prone to issues with the transmission. Here are some of the common repairs to try. 

Software updates

The simplest issue to fix tends to be a software update. There are a number of parts of the software that control the changes in gears based on the speed, revs on the engine and the feedback from the wheels as you drive. When this transmission feedback loop is not working correctly you can get gear changes at inappropriate times and some people have even reported the transmission failing entirely and the car losing speed at any time. Licensed dealers will be able to give you software updates between services and in most cases this is covered under warranty. 

Refilling  liquid and servicing the transmission

Another common fix for transmission issues is to ensure that the transmission has adequate clear fluid. Contaminated fluid can lead to aggressive wear on the transmission system and affect the overall efficiency of the transmission system. This is a common item on a major service but it you suspect an issue with your transmission it can be worth doing between services. If you do appear to be losing transmission fluid at a fast rate then it is a smart idea to investigate the cause which can include poor software, a damaged transmission or an aggressive driving style. 

Full transmission replacement

If the transmission is extremely damaged then you may need to opt for a full replacement. While many XC70s will be under warranty as they are relatively new if you car is out of warranty this can be a very expensive repair. A sensible way to control the cost is to opt for a second hand transmission from an auto wreckers. This is both cheaper and usually faster than trying to get an original part, which may need to be sent from Europe and can take weeks to arrive. 

If you have a transmission issue on your Volvo XC70 you should take it into a registered service centre for advice. They can help to explore the underlying reason for the problem and if necessary can put you in contact with an auto wrecker to get a second transmission at a reasonable price.