How To Get Value For Your Money When Selling Your Car To An Auto Wrecker

Auto wreckers are businesses that purchase old cars for parts and recycling. They are an instant solution to Australians that need to dispose of used or junk cars. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get the most from an auto wrecker. 

Know Your Car

Conduct some internet research or interview your mechanic to understand the value of your car. For example, classic cars cost a fortune. As such, if you own one, you could spend some cash to get the vehicle in running condition before selling it to the auto wrecker. If you own a car with low market demand, it would be unreasonable to spend a dime on repairs. In some cases, you could opt to sell the engine and transmission separately from the other body parts. It happens if the vehicle has a rare engine that will fetch a good price in the open market.


Use internet tools to calculate the value of your car. Although they may not give an accurate figure, you will have an approximation of how much your vehicle is worth. Preferably, get quotes from a few sites. 

Choosing An Auto Wrecker

Seek advice from car forums or your mechanic to identify reputable auto wrecking businesses in your area. Contact the companies and ask them for an over-the-phone quote. Most companies will give an exact quote to customers that provide an accurate description of their vehicle. Small details such as the condition of the interior, presence of high-quality aftermarket parts, condition of the tyres and features such as a sunroof, heated seats and powerful turbo can significantly increase the value of the car. If your vehicle is in a deplorable state, the auto wrecker will give a quote based on the weight of the car. He or she will sell the vehicle as scrap metal.

You also need to understand the auto wrecker's terms and conditions. Some of your concerns should include:

Does the company provide free towing from your home to the wrecking yard? Towing can be expensive if you live far from the wrecking yard.

What are the terms of payment? Preferably, you should go with a company that offers instant cash.

Can you swap your car for parts or a different car? It is an essential consideration if you have an ongoing car restoration project.

Most auto wrecking companies will require the vehicle's title. It is especially so if your car is in good condition and can be sold to another person. 

Auto wreckers provide instant cash to people that would want to get rid of their cars. Follow the above tips to get a fair price for your vehicle.