Essential Tips When Selling Your Junk Car to an Auto Wreck Company

After determining that your car can no longer serve you due to old age or an accident, you should think about getting some money out of it by selling it to an auto wrecking company. Auto wrecking dealers have large yards that take in junk vehicles and rip them apart to retrieve useful components. Also, junkyards sell scrap material based on weight. Before you sell your junk car, you need to know its worth so that you can haggle the price. This article offers tips to car owners when selling junk cars to auto wreck companies.  

Consider Private Sale First

If you have a unique car that is different from the run-of-the-mill makes and models, you should think about selling it privately. For instance, even a written-off classic car can fetch a great price because private buyers can offer you an excellent deal. However, the option is not a given since it depends on demand and your junk vehicle's condition. If your car has useful parts that can be salvaged, then a private sale is the way to go. 

Inspect Your Car and Take Inventory

One mistake that junk car sellers make is the failure to inspect their vehicles to take stock of all the available parts. When you decide to sell your junk car to an auto wrecking company, they will come over to your place to inspect the vehicle. The inspection entails taking inventory of all the salvageable parts coupled with scrap materials. A company will offer you a bid based on the outcome of the evaluation. Therefore, you should conduct an inspection on your own or hire an expert to value your vehicle. The inventory should include the working and non-working components of the car. Also, include the weight of scrap materials and the estimated worth. When an auto wrecking company gives you an offer, you will have a solid ground to haggle the price upwards based on the inspection and inventory data 

Benefits of Junkyard Sell

Selling a junk car to an auto wrecking dealer is the easiest method to get rid of the vehicle. The pricing of your car will depend on the make and model, condition, and weight. You will make more money if your vehicle is heavy compared to a lightweight car. Also, note that parts are sold separately; therefore, a complete vehicle implies more money in your pocket. After agreeing on the price, auto wreckers will pay you in cash and incur the cost of towing a vehicle to their yard. Furthermore, a dealer will do the necessary paperwork to ensure that everything is above board. 

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