Two steps to take if your car is damaged beyond repair in a road accident

If your vehicle has been involved in a major road accident that has left it damaged beyond repair, here are some important steps you should take. Contact an auto wrecking facility A lot of people whose cars have been severely damaged simply leave their vehicles inside their garages. If you find yourself in this situation and would rather not use the space inside your garage, you may want to consider getting in touch with a local auto wrecking service. Read More 

Resolving issues with the transmission system on the Volvo XC70

The Volvo XC70 is a popular model of car and is Volvo's entry into the softroader 4WD, with plenty of space for the school run and boots space for all the shopping. However the model is very prone to issues with the transmission. Here are some of the common repairs to try.  Software updates The simplest issue to fix tends to be a software update. There are a number of parts of the software that control the changes in gears based on the speed, revs on the engine and the feedback from the wheels as you drive. Read More 

A Quick Checklist Before Travelling With Your Trailer

If you have a trailer to tow an ATV, boat or anything else, you should go through a quick checklist of items to ensure that it's safe and properly set up before you hit the road, and do this each and every time you travel with your trailer. Note a few items that many trailer owners overlook, especially when they're somewhat new to owning a trailer and travelling with it. Read More