Resolving issues with the transmission system on the Volvo XC70

The Volvo XC70 is a popular model of car and is Volvo's entry into the softroader 4WD, with plenty of space for the school run and boots space for all the shopping. However the model is very prone to issues with the transmission. Here are some of the common repairs to try.  Software updates The simplest issue to fix tends to be a software update. There are a number of parts of the software that control the changes in gears based on the speed, revs on the engine and the feedback from the wheels as you drive. Read More 

A Quick Checklist Before Travelling With Your Trailer

If you have a trailer to tow an ATV, boat or anything else, you should go through a quick checklist of items to ensure that it's safe and properly set up before you hit the road, and do this each and every time you travel with your trailer. Note a few items that many trailer owners overlook, especially when they're somewhat new to owning a trailer and travelling with it. Read More 

Auto Wrecking: Dealing With Waste Fluids

Your car contains many fluids which are toxic. In order to protect the environment, auto wreckers must take special precautions when dealing with these waste fluids. If you are concerned about how an auto wrecker will process the oils and other fluids in your car, this article details the way in which they will dispose of toxic fluids from your old car, which will help to put your mind at rest. Read More 

Why Car-Wrecking Service Is Good for the Environment

When many people hear about car service, the first things that come to mind are maintenance and repair services. Very few consider auto wrecking as a type of car service, though it is one. This is because this kind of service is usually required for vehicles no longer in use. If you have an inoperative car you are having trouble disposing of, you should take it to the auto wrecker to ensure it is dismantled in an environmentally friendly way. Read More